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Each year, over one billion people worldwide participate in travel for leisure or business purposes, and tourism accounts for over 30% of the world's exports of services. Transportation, accommodation, and entertainment services provide over 7.5 million opportunities for employment within the service sector in the United States alone. Pilots, travel agents, hotel staff, and tour operators are just a few of the many careers available in the large and diverse travel industry.

In 2013, more than one billion people participated in international travel, with the top ten travel destination countries for international tourists being France, the United States, China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico. While some of these trips were for business or visiting family and friends, over half of these travels were purely recreational. Any why not? Recreational travel allows us many opportunities we would not otherwise have in our day-to-day lives. It allows us educational experiences, connects us to other cultures, provides time to relax and reduce stress, and even can provide us with the perspective we need to break unhealthy habits in our lives.

hot air balloons aloft over mountains
Colorful Hot Air Balloons over Verdant Mountains

Many of us enjoy experiencing new things, whether it is a new activity, a new food, a new language, or even a new country. Getting out of our comfort zone by visiting other locales allows us to do all of these things and more. With all the benefits that are available, it is no wonder that when you ask someone about their favorite hobbies, chances are good that they might respond with "Traveling!"

The Internet has become a wonderful resource for vacation and tourism, making it much easier than it had previously been to collect information, plan a trip, and book travel to and accommodations in virtually any corner of the world. It is my hope that in stumbling up my site, you will find that these articles pique your interest in planning an unforgettable vacation to somewhere you have never been before. Happy travels!

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